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In 1987, the National Boraxx Corporation became the exclusive source for premium South American produced boric acid and Ulexite mineral ore in the United States and Canada. In 1988 we received EPA approval to supply boric acid to those industries that require this regulatory label for pesticide claims.
Our producer Quiborax LTD, in Chile expanded their grades of boric acid to include granular and powder forms of technical grade to premium grades for industrial to specialty applications.
The Ulexite grades include the 2-4 mm prill, the gold standard for agricultural use. Our fine and extra fine Ulexite is the preferred product for the shale gas industry. We stock our borates close to our customers in more than six warehouses throughout the US.
Over the years, we added specific industry related raw materials as co-products for the markets we serve, steel, glass and ceramics, agriculture, cellulose insulation, pest control, oil and gas, lubricants and adhesives among others. These include borax, DOT, carbonates and sulfates.
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